/tu / (say tooh), weak form /tə / (say tuh)

1. expressing motion or direction towards something: from north to south.
2. indicating limit of movement or extension: rotten to the core.
3. expressing contact or contiguity: apply varnish to the surface.
4. expressing a point or limit in time: to this day.
5. expressing time until and including: Monday to Friday.
6. expressing aim, purpose, or intention: going to the rescue.
7. expressing destination or appointed end: sentenced to death.
8. indicating result or consequence: to her dismay.
9. indicating state or condition: he tore it to pieces.
10. indicating the object of inclination or desire: they drank to her health.
11. expressing the object of a right or claim: claimants to an estate.
12. expressing limit in degree or amount: punctual to the minute; goods to the value of $100.
13. indicating addition or amount: adding insult to injury.
14. expressing attachment or adherence: the paper stuck to the wall; she held to her opinions.
15. indicating an accompanying item or concomitant: they danced to music; they arrived to the sound of cheers.
16. expressing comparison or opposition: the score was 9 to 5.
17. expressing agreement or accordance: a position to one's liking.
18. expressing reference or relation: what will he say to this?
19. expressing relative position: one line parallel to another.
20. indicating proportion or ratio: one teacher to every thirty students.
21. supplying the place or sense of the dative case in other languages, connecting transitive verbs with their indirect or distant objects, and adjectives, nouns, and intransitive or passive verbs with a following noun which limits their action or application.
22. used as the ordinary sign or accompaniment of the infinitive (expressing originally motion, direction, purpose, etc., as in the ordinary uses with a substantive object, but now appearing in many cases as a mere meaningless sign).
23. towards a person, thing, or point implied or understood.
24. to a contact point or closed position: pull the shutters to.
25. to a matter; to action or work: we turned to with a will.
26. to consciousness; to one's senses: after she came to.
27. to and fro,
a. to and from some place or thing.
b. in opposite or different directions alternately.
28. to the …, at the exact same (specified unit of time): a decade ago to the day.
{Middle English and Old English }

Australian English dictionary. 2014.

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